Who We Are

GXPQS was founded in 2018 by Ron Branning and Dalal Murgai, both independent consultants who came together to form a company made up of talented industry experts with whom they have worked in the past, from all areas of research, development, and commercialization. They wanted to bring these hard-working professionals together to establish a first-class company, built on integrity and honesty who could provide consulting services to biopharmaceutical and device companies, assisting them to be successful in the development, and ultimately commercialization, of their product(s).




GXPQS is an independent specialty CRO that provides development consulting services with a QS approach to companies developing Biologics, Biotechnology, Drug, Device and combination products, in the discovery/research, development or commercialization stage. Our experts have established customized QS in numerous companies, from small US-based start-ups to global pharmaceutical firms. These quality systems have supported the regulatory development and/or approval of investigational products in numerous therapeutic areas, including but not limited to cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, oncology, immunology and virology. 

Our Experience

GXPQS is a specialized CRO/Commercialization consulting group of Industry experts serving a diverse group of Clients engaged in Research, Development, Clinical Trials, and Commercialization. Our services range from partnerships with sponsor drug/device development companies, to oversight of CROs/CMOs, other service providers, academic institutions, and IRBs. GXPQS is focused on Quality System development to ensure compliant well-executed drug and device development and product approval. Our goal is to assist Clients to improve the quality of their products by establishing a tailored, practical Quality System and ensure that personnel working in that system have the qualifications, experience, and appropriate training to support a sustainable organization.

Our founders have more than 80 years in Industry experience in combination with extensive knowledge and expertise across a broad range of functional areas (as demonstrated in our list of services). Their experience ranges from early research and development to clinical, regulatory, commercialization, and post-marketing activities. Our Associates range in Industry experience from 10 to 50 years in the industry.

We believe in a straight forward approach to consulting, clear goals and deliverables, and doing what is right for our clients. We believe in the principles of quality…integrity…and professionalism, as do the associates that work for GXPQS. We also believe that by incorporating quality in our activities up front, results will exceed our clients’ expectations. We are here to provide our clients with high quality and timely deliverables with attention to detail, and with service tailored to the specific needs of our client at their current stage of development.

What We Do

Exceptional Customer Service

 GXPQS customizes processes to fit the Client’s needs. We provide the attention you need when you need it and will work to expedite implementation of any changes that may be necessary to the project.

Customized Quality Systems

Our experts have established customized Quality Systems that have supported the regulatory development and/or approval of drugs and medical devices in small US-based start-up companies to large multinational pharmaceutical firms.

Exceptional Quality Culture

We follow the same processes internally that we recommend to Clients in terms of vendor oversight and personnel training. Our partnerships and collaborations with vendors and other service providers are robust, efficient, and compliant.

Relevant to any Stage of Development

We help companies in any stage of development take their product candidate from where they are through clinical trials and into the marketplace using our proprietary GXP Quality System tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Collaborations to Broaden Expertise

GXPQS collaborates with individual Subject Matter Experts, international consulting firms, as well as qualified suppliers, enabling us to provide a broad range of services with a unique level of expertise to meet our client’s needs, while maintaining the standards of experience, training, and compliance oversight that regulatory authorities expect.

Client Partnerships for Sustainability

 We ensure sustainability of both the Client’s QS and GXP-related activities by developing an overall plan for implementation in partnership with our clients. The plan contains specific deliverables at agreed time points, as well as training and development of the client’s personnel to maintain efficient future operations and the continuous improvement of the Quality System.

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