Privacy Policy

Here at GXP Quality Systems we care about your privacy. Therefore, we have decided to use Google Analytics to help protect your privacy while providing us with the information we need to move forward in becoming a better business. By using this software we collect personal data like full name, email, and phone number.

What is Important?


We protect our data like we protect your family. Any information that is sent via the website is protected online and offline.

All data is encrypted and sent to a secure server used only by employeers at GXPQS. To verify that this accurate the lock button with a https at the beginning of this web page.

All information that is sent to our employees that are needed offline will be kept in a secure environment which only the employees have access too. This information will only be looked at when it is absolutely necessary to continue business.

Third Party Policy

Also, since we currently use LinkedIn, you should be aware that this site uses other privacy policies and we are not responsible for their prvacy policies.


GXP Quality Systems uses cookies like tons of other websites. Cookies are pieces of data that help identify repeat visitors and help us to update our website. They enable us to track and target interests our clients like. This helps us improve our site to optimize our services. None of this info that is picked up by cookies are linked to personally identifiable information.

Why Should You care?

GXP Quality Systems is commited to providing you the best possible service on the market. We try to be as open and up front as possible. This helps you because it provides you with the best security and most reliable sources you can get in today’s market.

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